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How to Start a Blog is one of the frequently asked questions for many of the blogging websites.

I tell you my honest answer about How to Start a Blog in 2020. So to Start a Blog is now a day way much easier and cheaper than earlier few years ago but to run a Successful blog is now not as easy as in old days because of some Google algorithm changes.

 If you have good knowledge of specific topic and have passionate about blogging then after a some struggle with some technique you can be able run Successful blog.

To Start a Blog There are Various platforms available in market like Wordpress, Bloggers, Wix,etc. But out of  all one of the most popular and Powerful platform is Wordpress which is also available for free with wide variety of free and Paid Themes and Plugins.

So for this Guide we choose Wordpress is blogging platform but you can also choose different platforms.

So to have  better understanding of How to Start a Blog in 2020 our team has created an awesome visual graphics for you

Let's look at that

If you want to publish this amazing infographic on your site then just copied the code and paste it on your site.

How to Start a Blog in 2020

To Start a Blog we divide the complete process in to small and meaningful steps

So let's get deeper into each steps

1. Select your Blogging Niche

To get started with First step to Create a blog you need to decide specific niche on which your Blog is gone be.

Selecting a blog is one of the most important tasks to get started with. Your blog Niche could be any In which you have specific amount knowledge. Like Food ,Tech, Fashion, lifestyle, etc.

It will help you to decide particular things like targeted audience, Competitors, CPC,etc.

Further more you can also decide to go for Micro niche blogging in which your blog is focused on particular sub topic of particular  Niche.

2. Select Domain Name

Domain Name is the name of your website like

Selecting a Domain Name that is user friendly and also related to your particular Niche will help you to Rank your website on Google as your user eye.

To select Domain you can for any Domain Name which is related to your topic or it would also be your name, but one thing to remember is that your Domains name should user friendly  which mean it should be easy to remember for your user. So it will help you to increase your Blog identity in the industry.

Further you can go for any of the top level Domain extensions like .com, .net , .io, etc.

3. Purchase Hosting

Webhosting is an online storage for all of your blog resources. So Buying a Hosting will lead to get your Blog online. So you have choose best hosting. Because hosting is key part of your Blog.

To select best Webhosting you need considers some of the factors like storage, bandwidth, Control panel, uptime, etc.

You have also look for some secondary factors that may be less important  like Free Domain name, Free SSL(Get Free SSL for lifetime), Emails,etc. Because this all are offering some additional functionality for your Blog.

4. Install Wordpress

As I said earlier in this Guid we are focusing on Wordpress which is available for free.

To Install Wordpress on your Webhosting if you have cPanel or other Control panel with softaculous one click Script installer the you can install Wordpress with some easy steps.

If your webhosting doesn't include Softaculous One Click Script Installer then you also install it manually on your webhosting.

5. Build your website

For doing this task Wordpress powers you thousands of free Themes and Plugins for your Blog. There are listed some most important Wordpress plugins for your blog.

To Design your blog you can use free Themes like Astra or Divi. If you have decided to build it from scratch then you can do it with easy to use drag and drop page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.

If doesn't want to this hassle then you can also heir some professional on

6. Write an article

Writing an article is not as easy as think if don't consider some factors. That are

A. Write a SEO Friendly article

SEO friendly article means Making your article in such way that Google algorithm can understand it better and help you to rank on #1 on Google.

B. Give Proper Heading and Subheadings

In order to give proper heading and Subheadings you can use <H1> tag for Heading and <H2> tag for subheading.

It's also important to notice that your focus Keywords should be present in your heading of your article.

C. Use Multimedia

In order to make your article more interactive you can use different Multimedia in it.

Also remember that Always give Alt attributes to your image in order to make your Image Optimized for SEO purposes. Also you can use image compress for better page load time.

You can use This Plugin to Optimize your images called Sumsh

D. Do Keywords Research

Before Start writing any article do proper Keyword Research on particular topics on which your gone be writing articles.

It will help you estimate different parameters for your article like Monthly viewership, Competitors, SEO difficulties,etc. By which you can select right Keywords for your article and increase article viewership.

E. Write long tail in-depth content

It is always considers that writing a Quality in Depth article often leads rank higher then other article on same topic. By writing long in Depth article your average viewership times get also increased it will lead to positive sign for Google.

You can also use Buzzsumo for trending content idea in your Niche.

7.Use SEO tactics

After building your blog on Wordpress and writing some article it's important look at your SEO of your blog. SEO helps you to rank your sites and get organic traffic to your Blog.

To get your blog SEO ready you have look at some factors

A. Define meta tags

Meta tags help search engine to understand about your webpage. There several different Meta tags available that are very much important from On-Page SEO point of view.

There is list of some common Meta tags

• Keyword Meta tag
Keyword meta is used define keyword for your web page that you are targeting.

• Description Meta tag
Description Meta tag gives Meta description about your webpage to user as well to search engine.

• Viewport Meta tag
Viewport meta tag define viewing port of your website that help you to make your website Mobile friendly.

•  Robots Meta tag
Robot Meta tag is used to inform search engine about page indexing.

There are four important values of Robot meta tag
Follow - indicate crawler that follow all the links in webpage

Nofollow - Indicate crawler that not to follow any of the link in webpage.

Index - indicate crawler that index whole webpage.

Noindex - indicate that crawler doesn't have to crawl that webpage.

You can also checkout list of all important Meta tag 

B. Page load speed

Page load speed is also play crucial role in your webhosting. To improve your load time you can do several tasks. That are

  • Use browser Caching
  • Use Google AMP
  • Minify your theme code
  • Delete all unnecessary Plugins and elements

There is also other several methods available in market but if you don't want this hassle then you can use very important Wordpress Plugins called W3 Total Cache
this Plugins help you to cache your website data and improve page speed.

C. Broken link check

Broken link is link that is pointing towards 404 error page or page that are not available  or Deleted.

To check broken links you can use this free tool by ahref

D. Use of Keywords in your article

Always use your main Keyword in First 150 words and also maintain some keyword frequency around complete article.

It's not mean that you use Keywords stuffing you can use your keyword somewhat around 6-8 times for 3000 word article. You can also some related Keywords with it.

E. Use of H1 & H2 tags

H1 tag is often use for Titles of your article and also your main keyword also present into your Title. It is also important used H1 tag once in your article

H2 tag is used for Subheading on your article and you can also use it for multiple Subheading. Your keyword also have to present in your some subheading

F. Linking

In Linking part you have to link your content to several other page that may be internal page or external page to your blog. It's help you to make content more informative as well as its give positive sign to Search engine.

G. Mobile friendly

Nowadays to have your website Mobile friendly is most important part. Because most of your viewers come from Mobile devices.

Therefore Search engines also consider it as the important factor for ranking purposes.

H. SEO Friendly permalink

Permalink is an complete URL of an your article

For example

Above first example is a bad example for permalink and second exam is a  good example of permalink

Let me why it is, because incase of first URL their some Random character in URl that does not relate to your article. Where in second article there is meaningful sentence available there that related to my article. Also your main keyword also have to present in permalink. Like in this case "How to Start a Blog" is my main keyword and that is present in my URL.

Pro Tips : To make this procedure faster There is an amazing Plugins available at Wordpress  called  RankMath or Yoast SEO. You can go for either of them. This both Plugins help you to do SEO Optimization For your Wordpress blog.

You can also use some SEO Tools like ahref,SEMRush and also there is an free alternative of them is Ubersuggest.

Also there is a  amazing Guide about SEO site audit by

8. Monitize your website

In order to make some money via Blogging you need to Monitize your blog first. You can Monitize your website in several different ways out of Them I listed few most common way to Monitize your Blog.

A. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most popular Ads provider now aday in market. Google Adsense  provides Ads for Placing on your blog and make some income.

In this case whenever  viewers comes to your blog and click on particular you make some income.

In order to Place Google Adsense ads on your Blog you need to Create a account and want to verified it first. Here you can check how to verifiey you Adsense account.

B. Affiliates Marketing

Affiliates Marketing one of leading income sources for many of them blogs.

 In a Affiliates Marketing you have  to associated with particular company's affiliates program and you have to promote it on your blog in form of Ads or links.

When user click on Ad or link and purchase particular product you will get some amount of commissions out of it.

C. Selling e-book, online courses or other products

In this you are offering your customer particular product In exchange of some money. You can offer different products like E-books, Coding File, Online Courses, physical products, etc.

D. Selling some services

Selling services is one most innovative way make some in money in case your are not offering physical services but virtual services to clients in exchange monthly, yearly or on time subscription to clients.

9. Promote your content

Why promoting an article is so important. Suppose you write an amazing quality article and published  it on your Blog, but whose know you published such great article. Therefore you have to promote it on different social platforms  let them know that you have written a such great article on blog.

To promote your article you can use Different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, etc. You can also outreach some other bloggers in same niche and let them know about your article.

10. Create backlinks

Backlink is key factors to rank your article on #1 for particular Keywords on Google.

Backlinks is Dofollow link on others blog or website that points to your article or blog.

To Create backlinks you try this different methods

A. Guests post

Guests post is technique  in which you write an article for other blogs in the industry.  In exchange you get backlink from that website  form Authors bio section or link from that article pointing to your article

B. Guestographic

This Guestographic is originally invented by Brian Dean. This method is different from traditional infographics methods where you get an link when some one publish an infographic made by you and you get an embedded link from that infographic.

In this method you are going to first Create an awesome infographic and published it on your Blog. Then send email to other bloggers about your infographic and ask them publish your infographics with Mini guest post written by you. There you get a contextual link from post.

C. Email outreach

Email outreach is traditional way of creating a backlinks to your blog.
In this method you write a quality article on specific topic and send email to other bloggers about your article and ask them for link.

D. Broken link building

Broken link is easiest way of Creating backlinks  till now. In this method you have to find article that was not available or deleted on others website.

Then check out it backlink profile and make list of it and send email to all of them and tell that they have linked to an broken page that is no longer available and in exchange give theme link of your related article.

E. Testimonials writing

In this method you have write small reviews of product or service that you have used for particular website Testimonials.

11. Rank #1 on Google

If you follow all of the above step in Proper and Planned manner with some passions and hardwork your blog definitely Rank #1 on Google for your target Keywords.


So till now I think all you understand How to Start a Blog in 2020.

Blogging is not Jackpot where you can succeed overnight. Blogging is time consuming process where you learn over the time and get succeed. Blogging is term that change again and again you also have to learn new things continuously.

I hope This article was helpful you and if you think miss some thing or you like something.

Let me know via comment section below.
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