What is Web Hosting : The Beginners Guide in 2020

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If you are new in Website making, blogging, cloud computing and any other related fields then surely heard about web hosting or web host but if you don't know about it  then just read this article carefully to know more about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting 

The Web hosting in simple word means an online space where you can store your website and access it over Internet with the help of web address. It also called as servers

Example of web  address:https://your website.com

When ever user try to access your website it send  request to your web hosting through its web browser and in response web hosting send your website on users web browser window

 Basically  hosting is network computer always connect with the Internet which help you to server your web page to end user

Type of Web hosting

 There is typically four types of web hosting

1. Shared hosting 

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    Shared hosting is also called as entry level hosting. It suitable for beginners who just started a website.

As the name says in this one machine is divided among many websites and it's one of the drawback of this type that if one website use more power compare to other websites in that same machine.

2. VPS (Virtual Private  Server )

 It is an mediocre level hosting mainly suitable for medium size business website and blog.
In this type machine is virtually divede in section    so one website can interfere in others website section.

3. Dedicated hosting 

It is an top level hosting suitable for any big organisation or any large scale website. In this the whole machine is dedicated to you in which you can select different hardware configuration according your need like RAM, Process,Hard drive, etc.

4. Clouding 

Cloud hosting - HostTeach.blogspot.com

Cloud hosting is a new term but consider as most powerful
In cloud hosting There low downtime because your website store on different locations and manage. Cloud hosting is considered very use useful for large organisations because at any time they can upgrade their power and pay for what that they use only and note for whole.

which hosting you should  buy 

There so many different web hosting provider around the Internet. But I will give you some best and favourite hosting providers list according my past experiences.

  1.  Site ground - Best Value for money
  2. Blue host  - Upto mark performance 
  3. A2 hosting - great support 
  4. Hostgator - cheap cloud 
  5.  Hostingor - Cheap hosting

What is Web Hosting ?

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